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UOSSM Participates in Geneva Conference

UOSSM participated at the Protecting Hospital and Healthcare Workers Conference in Geneva on Dec. 11, 2015, hosted by UOSSM Switzerland. Alongside a presentation by UOSSM-Canada's Dr. Anas Al Kassem, four other medical relief organizations (SEMA, Sham, SAMS, PAC) also presented about the alarming attacks on healthcare in Syria and the extensive loss of medical infrastructure and medical personnel. Present at the conference were UN-OCHA and WHO, who participated in the discussions on strategies to overcome these enormous challenges.After continuous and extensive attacks on healthcare in Syria, UOSSM's hospital surveys (completed in areas accessible to UOSSM) were able to verify that only 113 hospitals remain in Syria, served by only 119 surgeons and 153 certified nurses. This points to an urgent shortage of medical staff and facilities, one of the challenges UOSSM, and partnering organizations, helped bring to light at this conference.  

UOSSM launched the second HPF project in partnership with OCHA “Re- enablement of Syrian children with special needs and /or more significant psycho-social presentations”

The onset of the current crisis resulted in the flight of many professionals and drained capacity in the field of MHPSS .There is almost complete lack of proper psychosocial service (mainly, in areas not under government control). According to studies, surveys and clinical experience on the ground, 30 to 35% of children require further assistant, psychosocial support and/or more specialist intervention. The project Objectives: -Provide individual and group psychosocial support, behavioral modification, counseling and more advanced management plan and case management for identified in camps and towns in Dana area, and Ma’aret alno’aman area – Idleb. - Provide services for children, with learning difficulties, speech difficulties, ADHD, motivational conduct and developmental disorders (autistic spectrum) Nocturnal enuresis and other general mental health difficulties like anxiety disorders and phobias. -Provide more specific management materials and psycho-education for parents and teachers of identified children. -Support relevant initiatives and consult and liaise with other NGOs. - Enhance protection, resilience, coping strategies and benefits of addressing mental health and psychosocial needs. - Advocate indiscriminate approach, equality and protection against gender based violence. Target groups:Internally displaced people, and host communities including :500 men , 1500 women , 7,000 boys , 7,000 girls.  

UOSSM completed the third phase of the ambulatory program in Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Union of Medical Care & Relief Organisations #UOSSM in partnership with Save the Children have completed the activities of the third training session of the ambulatory program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bab Al-Hawa Training Center. This is the third session within a specialized program to train female medical staff under the specialists' supervision. This session, which lasted for three days, included 15 obstetricians out of the 28 obstetricians covering all of  non-government non-ISIS areas inside Syria,  while the previous two session trained a total of 53 obstetricians from different parts of Syria.  The training program was established after several previous rounds conducted by a team of trainers to obstetrics hospitals in the north of Syria to assess the actual needs and included in the training. 

UOSSM & PAC Revealed the First Syria's Hospitals Survey

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations #UOSSM, together with , launched the first of its kind, Syria Hospital Survey Report, that will be used as the basis for coordination between the two NGOs, and as an open source for factual-driven needs assessments of medical work in non-government, non-ISIS areas in Syria.  This survey is the first accurate data scheme, since the beginning of the conflict, to provide the necessary needs assessment for setting up human and financial planning structures and the much needed data to help strategize medical frameworks for all local and international NGOs working in Syria.   The report surveyed 113 hospitals out of the 124 hospitals in the area. 59 of the hospitals are in the northern region, 32 in the central region and 22 in the southern region. The report provides data on the number of hospitals operating in non-government, non-ISIS areas, their distribution in the country, the types of services they provide, the equipment available to them (operational and functional status or equipment and the need for repairs or replacement) and other necessary needs.  It also identifies the financial support and human resources available to these hospitals and the workload involved for the healthcare workers.

UOSSM Organized a Training Course in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy for Syrian Female Specialists in Lebanon

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations #UOSSM, in collaboration with the Arab Medical Union organized two training sessions for Syrian women in the field of mental health and psychosocial support at the UOSSM supported protection Center "Adn" in northern Lebanon. The training sessions were customized to adapt to the needs of 18 specialists and 38 non-specialists and were aimed at providing lectures on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy to specialists in post-traumatic stress and depression for adults and children. The course focused on strengthening the role of the specialist trainees in behavioral therapy and their skills in the application of psychological tests. It also focused on teaching the non-specialists trainees methods of implementing psycho-social activities in daily programs for children, such as curative, recreational, social, communicative and problem solving skills. The training session started on Oct. 13th and lasted for five days; two days of lectures and theory, and three days of practice and training in the Syrian refugees camps. View coverage report in Arabic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vmoiw2ZIXs&feature=share

Aiming Toward Higher Accountability in Humanitarian Practices; UOSSM Team Attended Training sessions in 'The Sphere Project'

Pursuing its strategy in building capacity and continuous team development #UOSSM had provided its administrative team with a three days training session in the Sphere project, with the presence of from Physicians Across Continents PAC at #UOSSM's office in Gaziantep, Turkey.   The training comes in the context of #UOSSM's relentless pursuit of the advancement of the quality of services it provides through its multiple channels in the medical field inside and outside the Syrian territory to ensure that they comply with international standards.   The Sphere project, based on 'the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response' guidelines, is a set of global common principles and standards recognized globally by professionals working in the field of humanitarian response.   The "Sphere" project is a voluntary initiative gathered a large group of humanitarian agencies around a common goal reflected in the improvement of the quality of humanitarian assistance and strengthen the accountability of the actors in front of founders, donors and affected populations.

UOSSM's first participation at the Humanitarian Congress in Berlin

#UOSSM participated, for the first time, at the 2nd Humanitarian Congress (Oct 9th-10th) organised by Médecins Sans Frontières, Médecins du Monde, the German Red Cross, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and the Charité Universitätsmedizin. The congress was attended by 700 participants and speakers from around the world, where Dr. Zedoun al-Zoabi, CEO of #UOSSM, took part of  'Humanitarian aid in the Middle-East - Novel approaches to complex challenges' panel.  Dr. al-Zoabi highlighted the major challenges facing Syrian NGOs in the last four years and underlined the unlimited opportunities in new perspectives for humanitarian and medical works in Syria.  View Dr. al-Zoabi's full presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybJV7SJg8Wo&feature=youtu.be