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PRESS RELEASE: Idlib Bombing- “Three Children Died lying in the emergency room at Bab Al Hawa Hospital”

On May 31 12:15 am, Idlib, Syria - Heavy aerial bombing  in public areas of the Idlib province including the buildings adjacent to the Idlib Public Hospital (Al Watani) resulted in an evacuation and full shutdown of hospitals in the area. “ Three children died lying in the emergency room at Bab al Hawa Hospital, we are not equipped to treat so many life-threatening injuries at once.”- Dr. Ahmad Dbais Trauma and Hospital Director of Idlib. At least 23 people have been killed and over 300 have been wounded by this attack. Many of the injured seeking critical medical care are going to Bab al Hawa Hospital (UOSSM’s largest hospital 1 hour away). Bab Al Hawa hospital is the largest in the province and has been flooded with trauma injuries as a result of the attacks. Medical staff fear they are being targeted and are unable to get to work due to dangerous conditions. Thousands of patients are unable to receive medical care with young children/ intensive care patients the most vulnerable. “We are becoming desensitized to the bombing of civilian and medical facilities. Where are civilians safe to get medical treatment?  We must petition governments for no-fly zones near medical facilities to protect medical staff. Doctors are granted this protection under international law and it must be enforced.  I am saddened it happened just a few days after the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. ” Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Chairman of UOSSM Canada Five vehicles from the ‘Ambulance Service of Sham’ were completely destroyed and three others were damaged in the attacks further impeding rapid aid. For press inquiries, please email: press@uossm-canada.org    Continue reading

Dr Muhammad Waseem Maaz- He was the last pediatrician in the city of Aleppo

Dear friends, I am Dr Hatem, the director of the Children’s Hospital in Aleppo. Last night, 27 staff and patients were killed in an airstrike on Al Quds Hospital nearby. My friend Dr Muhammad Waseem Maaz (pictured), the city’s most qualified paediatrician, was killed in the attack.  Continue reading

Press Release: April 27 Hospital Bombing in Al Quds- Killing Dr Wassim Mouaz

PRESS RELEASE: Systematic attacks on hospitals are war crimes that must be stopped NOW Geneva, 28  April 2016, We (SEMA, SAMS, UOSSM, SHAM and PAC) strongly condemn the attacks on medical facilities and health workers in Syria. We call on the UN and all involved parties to put an end to these war crimes and to immediately protect civilians.  Attacks against hospitals and health workers continues to be  the biggest challenge to the our ability to deliver humanitarian assistance. Hundreds of health workers gathered in Geneva on December 11, 2015, to attend the “Protect hospitals and medical workers” conference organized by USSOM. Unfortunately, not all those who attended are alive today. Dr Hasan Al Araaj, the director of Hama health district, was killed on April 13 by a missile that hit his car. The airstrike occurred at the beginning of the 3rd round of intra-Syrian peace talks in Geneva.   Continue reading

Trauma Training for Medical Professionals

During the month of March, UOSSM trained medical professionals on how to treat patients who have succumbed to casualties caused by explosions. The program, dubbed Emergency Management of the Wounded in Times of War, is especially important due to the increasingly dangerous conditions in the region. 

UOSSM Projects: Empowering Kids

UOSSM is supporting a program at its Maaret Alnoumaan Centre that is training teachers on utilizing different tools and techniques to assist and empower kids with special needs. The program is focusing on objectives such as cognitive training to advance kids’ self-esteem when it comes to their body image; independence training, which helps kids identify essentials of daily living, like kitchen utensils; as well as teaching kids how to differentiate between colors.

Ahmad's Story: Hope in The Face of Adversity

At only 10 years of age, Ahmad has already lived through obstacles and danger that very few people live in their lifetime. Despite losing his elder brother five months ago to an airstrike, and despite  living in the torn city of Allepo under constant missile fire, Ahmad’s smile has never left his face. His words have always been optimistic and the strength he possesses is unrivalled – even after falling victim to an explosion that lodged a sharpnell across his back. When Ahmad’s brother, Ismail, passed, Ahmad left school to help support his family and began working at a printing house. The morning of Feb. 27 – three months after starting his job— Ahmad noticed the sound of warplanes was unusually loud, he quickly hid under a table, and moments later he heard a large explosion coming from across the street. He recalls shrapnel and fragments were flying all over, and ultimately a piece of shrapnel lodged itself in Ahmad’s lower back. Paramedics quickly transferred the10 year-old to Bab al Hawa hospital’s pediatric unit, where he received proper care and has had several successful surgeries to treat his injury.  Ahmad is on the road to recovery and although there is still a long way to go, he remains optimistic and hopeful and his smile continues to light up the rooms of Bab al Hawa hospital.

UOSSM Projects: Using Theater as a Means of Psychological Intervention

In collaboration with REO & International Humanitarian Relief, UOSSM's Adan training center hosted a series of workshops focusing on improvisational psychological interventions to treat affected families in Lebanon. The course featured training involving improv theatre as a means of expression.

UOSSM Telemedicine Program

As the war in Syria approaches its 6th year, many civilians continue to loose their lives due to airstrikes and barrels. However, a significant number of civilians die due to lack of medical service. One vital part of the medical services is the establishment of medical intensive care units since most of type of injures are severe trauma ones (multiple organs injury, severe chest and traumatic brain injuries).  Continue reading

UOSSM Launches Nursing and Midwife Training Institute in Daraa

On January 2016, UOSSM launched its first medical training institute in southern Syria's Sayda, Daraa. The aim is to increase the number of medical professionals and the level of health services available in the area. UOSSM identified an urgent need for this as large numbers of medical professionals continue to flee from the area due to continued attacks. This critical program, supported by UOSSM-France, will run for 12 months with an annual budget of $110,400. The program aims to train 105 students by the end of 2016 which will result in significantly increased levels of medical services available to civilians in the area.

Mental Health Centre Opens in Gazientep

UOSSM is pleased to announce the opening of a new mental health centre in Gazientep on Dec. 28, 2015. This centre will provide psychosocial services free of charge to Syrian refugees. The centre also includes a team of professionals that deliver psychosocial services at different educational institutions in the area to help serve the needs of refugees who are not able to make it to the centre.